About Us

About Us

"LON BG" Ltd. is an established building company founded in 2011. Based in Burgas, Bulgaria "LON BG" Ltd. is part of an international investment company "TORKAM GROUP" which in over 28 years of practice together with the associations of the company under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mahmut DERELI actively invest in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, schools and hotels in many countries around the world. To date the realized projects in Algeria, England, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria and especially in Turkey have total built-up area of 1 500 000 square meters.

Our current projects include residential work as „TORKAM E5” in Istanbul/Turkey amounting to $ 247 388 000 ; „FİKİRTEPE YAŞAM MERKEZİ” in Istanbul/Turkey amounting to $ 86 000 000; "TEMAŞEHİR " in Konya/Turkey amounting to $ 255 450 000. The company's investments to date amount to $ 1 000 000 000.

The main business activities of "LON BG" Ltd. consist entirely in research, design and implementation of residential and public buildings in Bulgaria.

Being the first project of the company in Bulgaria " Stamopolu Lux ” complex, amounting to $ 7 000 000, is built of high quality materials and advanced technology that make the building looks one of the most luxurious and popular places to live in the region of Primorsko. The construction of the complex started on April 26, 2012. The final completion of the project was in December 2013.

The sales department of "LON BG" Ltd. is working actively with partners in Russia and Turkey.

At the same rate "LON BG" Ltd. continues to seek new investment opportunities in the region of Burgas and the country. By the end of 2020 the company plans to invest 50 000 000 € in the construction of residential and public buildings.

"LON BG" Ltd.